Khloé Kardashian Career and Ideal Type, a Reality Star and Entrepreneur

American socialite and television personality Khloé Alexandra Kardashian is a member of the Kardashian-Jenner family. She is known for her appearance in the famous reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians with her family since 2007 and starred in the spin-offs. Besides being a television star, Khloé also runs several businesses and became a social media influencer.

Born in Los Angeles on June 27, 1984, Khloé is the second youngest child to Kris and Robert Kardashian. After her parents divorced in 1989, she lived with her mother and three siblings (Kourtney, Kim, and Rob). Kris then remarried to Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner and had two children, Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Their marriage made Khloé have a total of nine siblings. Khloé studied in an all-girls school Marymount High School before dropping out and finished it through homeschooling. She was featured in her family reality show which gained grand success. The show revealed the personal lives of the family, including conflicts and love lives. Khloé was famous for having quick wit and being honest that was seen in the show.

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In 2009, she participated in a reality competition series the Celebrity Apprentice. She established herself as a television star by appearing as a cameo with Kourtney in a drama series 90210 for season 3. Branching to radio, she was featured in a weekly talk show at Miami’s WHYI radio station. She also had a commercial-free radio show. This successful show brought her to become the co-host of a singing contest show X Factor

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In addition to her television and radio career, she runs several businesses with the help from her sisters. They managed the boutique chain D-A-S-H, designing jewelry, and launched a clothing line K-Dash. With her then-husband Odom, she premiered unisex fragrances Unbreakable and Unbreakable Joy. Khloé and her family released Kardashian Konfidential, a book about the family’s affair that launched in 2010. As a global influencer, Khloé also worked with several brands. With her sisters, she became the representative of a weight-loss diet supplement product QuickTrim and a skincare line PerfectSkin. She was chosen as the brand ambassador of electric toothbrush brand Burst Oral Care in 2018. By 2020, Khloé’s net worth was estimated at $50 million.

Baby Ariel Biography and Career, The Way She Became American Star Singer

Baby Ariel is one of popular American singer and social media personality. Baby Ariel is not her real name. Her name is Ariel Rebecca. Born in 2000, (November 22), she was raised in Florida. Her father is Jose Martin and her mother is Sharon Kremen. She has 2 sisters and 4 brothers from different parents.

Baby Ariel started to fame in 2015 in which is known as TikTok recently. She shared videos regularly. She used to make dancing and lip-sync videos. She also had a YouTube Channel, therefore she often uploaded the same content to both. She is the first personality to get 20 million followers on TikTok.

Ariel launched #ArielMovement in 2015. It was a campaign of anti-bullying. People magazine noted her in #HackHarassment initiative to stop negativity on the internet and to stop Internet trolls.

Her videos are attracting many people. For his talent in singing and dancing, in 2016 she had a chance to sign with Creative Artists Agency. It amazed everyone because at that time she was just 15. She has been cited as the most influential by Forbes, USA Today, and People.

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Her fans have increased significantly on several social media platforms. She is famous and known as a content creator and a singer. She has more than 34 million followers on TikTok, 9.8 million followers on Instagram, 1.1 million followers on Twitter, and over 3 million subscribers on YouTube.

Ariel has been portrayed in several company brands, magazines, and sites, including Paper Magazine, Rolling Stone, RAW, Wonderwall, Huffington Post, and much more.

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She also appeared as a model in music videos “Personal” by Hrvy in 2017, and “Cake” by Loren Gray in 2020.

Ariel has won Teen Award categorized in Choice Music (2016 & 2017). She was nominated for several awards.

There’s some secret talent behind her stunning appearance. Her songs and her performance in every of her films are loved by her fans. Ariel noted as a force on social media and became the brightest social media star.

Zach King Life Story, Wife, Age, Career, Net Worth & More

Do you think Zach King is a magician? Want to know about this lovable star? This fact will make sure you know about Zach King. Also will tell you how Zach King became famous.

Zach King was born in Oregon exactly in Portland. He is of Austrian, Chinese and Nicaraguan descent. King has an interest in film makers and illusionists. At age of 7, he made his film just by a home video camera. He pursued his interest and at age of 14, for the first time he bought video equipment such as a camera, a computer, and a tripod. He started making and also editing videos.

In 2012, King graduated as a Cinema & Media Arts Major, in Biola University. He made a website and started to offer training about using the software Final Cut Pro, an editing software with tips and tutorials. When his website’s audience increased, he started selling seminars and used the money for his college.

He also made a YouTube channel (named himself) and gave tutorials about using the software. His first video on YouTube titled Jedi Kittens. The video was produced by him with his colleagues. Show about two cats fighting with lightsabers, an attractive video which gained more than one million views in just 3 days. The Jedi Kittens became popular until the third video, gaining almost 30 million views.

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In late 2012, he became a contestant on Viral Video Showdown by Syfy. In 2013, he was noted as one of the most promising film makers by YouTube. In 2019, King had amazed everyone on the internet with a video. The video showed him flying on a broomstick and got a big view (more than 2 billion views).

His great editing skill led him to be a part of the Next Up Creators contest. Therefore, YouTube awarded him $35.000. It was awarded as well as a trip to New York City to YouTube Creator Camp In December 2020, he gained over 9 million subscribers with 886 million views. Abracadabra!

Apart from his website and YouTube channel, King also made an account on Vine. It was in September, 2013, when he created one Vine each day.  In 2014, he appeared on the television show and made vines with the audience and the crew of the show. He also made vine videos for working out and living in his garage. Zach King in producing a vine needs 24 hours with 3-4 hours of filming.

In 2016, Zach King also joined Tik Tok. He started uploading his first video in which he escaped a jail. Later on, he uploaded regularly on Tik Tok. His great skill is lovable by fans and led him to gain almost 50 million followers. That’s why he became number #3 the most followed user on Tik Tok. 

Zach King Wife & Age

So, do you believe in magic? Well, Zach King is a filmmaker, a Vine Star, and YouTuber. Now, he is well known for his digital magic. His videos are digitally edited so then he seems like  doing magic. His master of deception and his charm built an amazing fan base.

Jessica Alba Life History, the Way to Become a Star

Jessica Alba is one of best-known American actresses. Born in California, she was exactly born in 1981 (April 28). Mark David Alba is her father and Catherine Louisa is her mother. Her father was a U.S. airman and was a cook at a roib. Therefore because of David’s job, the family moved often, such as to Texas, Biloxi, Del Rio, Mississippi, and settling back in Alba’s place of birth. Her mother was a flip burgers and bartender.

During childhood, Alba had asthma and other diseases. It made her isolated from her friends at school. She was often treated in the hospital, hence no one in her school knew her well. Moreover, Alba’s family used to move, which also contributed to her isolation from other children.

At age 16, Alba successfully graduated from Claremont High School. After that, she joined the Atlantic Theater. She started to like acting. At age 11, she persuaded her mother to take her in the Beverly Hills acting competition, surprisingly she won that competition.

Alba was rewarded with acting classes that she took. Then, she signed an appointment with an agency. In 1994, Her first debut film was released (Camp Nowhere). Soon, she played a role for Dark Angel (TV Show). That was great, her incredible work earning high praise from her peers and the directors.

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Jessica Alba was acting in several music videos including We Are the Ones (Artist : Will I Am), and Bad Blood (Artist: Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar).

Alba truly made stunning transformations from a suffering disease child to a successful artist. Because of her great talent, she received so many awards.

Alba is a legitimate billion dollar business mogul. She can manage all of the struggles she faces. She can overcome her troubled past and make a new unexpected way in her career and life.

John Legend Biography: The Way Become a Legend

What do you think about John Legend? John legend had success in the 21st century as a singer, songwriter, actor, record producer, and film producer. Born in Springfield, the U.S. he became the first African American that won several main awards in industry.

John Legend was born in 1978 (on December 28). His mother, Phyllis Elaine, was a church choir. His father, Ronald Stephens was a drummer at the church. He has one brother who played drums as well as his father. Even his grandmother was the church organist. Legend was born into a musically class family. At an early age, his grandmother played piano and sang in the church.

His parents decided to divorce, therefore his mother took him homeschooled. He is very talented even at an early age. He was able to skip two periods for his academics.

During his college at the University (Pennsylvania), Legend was involved in an a cappella group and became the musical director of jazz music (co-ed). He also became the lead vocalist of Joan Osborne’s song. He was a member of several music communities, such as Onyx Senior and Sphinx Senior.

After graduating, Legend started his career and worked at BCG (Boston Consulting Group). He works as a management consultant. At that time, he began writing, recording, and producing his music. He made it on his own. When he finished it, he released albums.

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In 2000 he released his first album, “John Stephens”. The next year he released the second album, “Live at Jimmy’s Uptown”. He tried to send his albums to numerous record labels.

His name actually emerged from J. Ivy which called him Legend. It was because J.Ivy perceived his music as an old-school sound. After that, “John Stephens” announced his stage name as “John Legend”.

In 2001 he was hired by West’s label to be a rapper in West’s album. In 2004, Legend debuted his own album, “Get Lifted” which was certified by the RIAA.  It scored #7 on the Billboard 200 and selling almost 120,000 copies in its first week.

For his debut album, he was successful and won a Grammy Award, categorized as the Best R&B Vocal. He also achieved Best New Artist. The debut single, “Used to Love U” entered number 30 in the U.K. and New Zealand, and won the Grammy Award for the song, “Ordinary People”.

Legend became a co-write for Janet Jackson’s song. The song, “I Want U”, certified platinum and became one of the nominations for Best Female by 47th Grammy Awards. He also made collaboration with several influencer singers, such as Michael Jackson, Jay Z, Stephen Colbert, Fort Minor, The Black Eyed Peas, Chemistry, Rich Boy, Fergie, and et cetera.

Legend released his next album (2006). The album named, “Once Again” got many achievements as well as his first album. It scored #3 on Billboard and became on top of the R&B Albums chart. It also received platinum by the RIIA. In 2007, Legend won Best Male Vocal Performance for the song, “Heaven”.

Apart from his music career, Legend had several awards for his hard work as an actor and a producer. He won an Emmy Award categorized for Best Actor and received Grammy, Tony, and Oscar for his role as producer. He became the youngest to have gained the milestone. John Legend Biography

The way he loves music made him successful. He has accumulated a fortune. He reportedly collected $58 million net worth which largely lean on his touring and songs. Truly a legend!

Writing Plagiarism-Free Website Content

Tips On Writing Website Content

Writing for the ‘world wide web’ or the internet has become a well paid profession. Writers from all across the world are involved in writing for web pages, E-zines, online business sites, blogs, article sites etc. However effective web writing involves deliberate effort. Your web content has to cater to different levels of interests of the readers. Keeping in view some of these vital points you can produce a web content that is clear and usable.

Always adopt a writing style that is concise and to the point. This is the first and the foremost thing to take into consideration when writing website content. Use short sentences and fewer words to convey your ideas and thoughts. The web content has to be 50% shorter as compared to the print content. So the shorter, the better.

Web content should always be easy to scan. Studies show that online readers scan text rather than reading the text word by word. The use of highlighted text, bold format, bullets, numbered lists, points, colored text, and hyperlinks help the readers in scanning the written content.

Writing style should be objective rather than promotional. A written content that is objective in style builds credibility. Avoid using exaggerated claims, promotional words and unnecessary adjectives.

Put your conclusion or the focal point of your writing in the first paragraph, as the readers on the web are impatient and can lose interest before reaching to the main point. So grab their attention in the start to avoid losing your reader.

Last but not the least, use clear and meaningful titles and headlines. As your title or headline is the first piece of information, that you offer the reader. Your headline or the title should give the basic idea of the written content.

Writing Plagiarism-Free Website Content

Plagiarism Explained By A Writer

Writing is never easy as it requires lot of research and pen down everything in your own words. I still find many people saying writing is really easy. Well, they say it because they commit plagiarism by finding material from the internet and use as it is in their reports and articles.

As a writer, I know how necessary it is to produce quality and unique stuff. Plagiarism is a sin for us which can ban us for lifetime. We are always allowed to surf the internet and find the material on which we want to write, however, we are never allowed to copy any sentence written by another author.

If you are an academic writer, you better know about plagiarism. In this piece of writing, you give reference of the author and the books from where you quote a particular saying. Proper referencing is the most essential part of academic writing.

If you are a researched writer, you may not need referencing as the focus is on one topic. As an avid writer, though I always use my own words for writing articles, advertorials, press releases, web content, spinning articles and blogs, still I use an online plagiarism checker to be on the safer side.

Many people who come on the internet to earn from home as a freelance writer, very easily disappear in a matter of days when they produce copied stuff. There are very few who actually have been able to survive in content writing world just because they know how to treat words properly. You can altogether defeat plagiarism if you have good English vocabulary and know how to effectively use it to produce unique content.

I suggest all people who write content for websites or articles to always write in your own words and use free plagiarism detection software program to check if you are on legal track to produce exclusive content.

The Practice of Plagiarism In The Academic World

Plagiarism At School And College Level

With the advancement of internet technology even an elementary school student has access to the wide world of information. Students are becoming more accustomed to plagiarism with this easy and free flow of information via internet. With the help of search engines they just copy their required information and present it as their own work and become a part of academic plagiarism.

Students are tempted to plagiarize as they have access to a wide range of information. Most of the students admit that they plagiarize intentionally giving out their own excuses for plagiarizing. Some of the reasons given by school and college students include shortage of time, laziness, poor note taking, getting confused, easy way out, teacher will never know etc.

Students just hit a search engine, type in their given topic and download stuff. At times they do not even bother to change the title. Students are also involved in unintentional plagiarism when they fail to provide proper references, citation and acknowledgments.

As for academic plagiarism it is considered as an academic dishonesty and should be discouraged at all levels. Plagiarism needs to be eliminated from academic institutions to accomplish educational goals. Teachers and professors need to improvise strategies in order to detect and discourage academic plagiarism. Teachers and school authorities must clearly explain what comes under academic plagiarism and how to avoid unintentional plagiarism. Teachers should layout the consequences of getting caught in the act of plagiarism to discourage plagiarism at school/college level.

The Practice of Plagiarism In The Academic World

Academic Plagiarism Penalties

As academic plagiarism is prevailing at both school and college levels, teachers and academic authorities are becoming more conscious to curtail it at all costs. They are improvising strategies to detect plagiarism and assigning penalties for academic plagiarism. Moreover, schools and colleges are taking adverse actions against students who are involved in intentional and repeated acts of plagiarism.

Amongst the various penalties of academic plagiarism some include:

  • Failing an assignment
  • Low Grades
  • Zero Marking
  • Warnings
  • Referring to Honor Council
  • Suspension
  • Promotion Restricted
  • Expulsion
  • Revoked Diplomas (after graduation)

Students who caught doing plagiarism will ruin their future. They will loose credibility not only from their teachers but also their fellow students. The student who gets expelled is unable to find admission in other institutions. And if his/her diploma or degree gets revoked / cancelled, years of effort, time and money gets wasted.

Academic authorities believe that students should know what comes under plagiarism and must take necessary measures to avoid it at all costs. They are increasing awareness about plagiarism and its penalties. Knowing the adverse effects of plagiarism, many students try their level best to avoid it as far possible. However, chances of unintentional plagiarism still exist but mostly the penalty granted in these cases is not as severe as in the case of an intentional intellectual offense.

To best avoid chances of including plagiarized material in their research work and assignments, students are depending upon plagiarism checking sites and plagiarism detection software.

These plagiarism tools are effective and fast. Most of these plagiarism detection sites are offering free services so any one can use them at anytime. These sites provide accurate information so students can completely rely on them completely, saving themselves from severe penalties of plagiarism.

Is Duplichecker Accurate ? Review, An Online Plagiarism Checker Site for Students and Bloggers

Duplicate content is one of the concerning factor for students and webmaster.

if your teacher knows you are copying content from the internet then you put yourself on dangerous situation. No one in academic world would support act of plagiarism. There is nothing wrong on reading other’s works for inspiration, however you have to make sure your essay is unique.

It’s the same with bloggers, if duplicate articles are published, it will be very difficult to be indexed by Google. Even if it is indexed, it will not get good ranking in search engine. Google has been more sophisticated these past years. It can tell which articles are unique and which are duplicate. Google really like a site with good and unique content.

The purpose of search engines are to bring forth the best result that match with the user’s query. They don’t want to show six sites with the same articles to user, it will tarnish their great name. Moreover, if the real author is reporting your duplicate content site to google, it will give red flag to your site. Your site may be deindexed from google.

Duplicate content itself is very bad for SEO. Then, if you want to register your site to Google Adsense, your site will not be accepted. Moreover, your site may not get indexed. If you are lucky and get indexed, it will not for long. Google AI will filter your site and may deindex your entire site for having thin content issue.

So, if you want to copy other content, at least don’t copy whole article. Only copy the part that you find useful for your readers. Also, I would suggest you to put backlink to the real source, so that when the real author caught you, they will not get angry, or you can also ask permission from the real author as a token of appreciation.

So, so that your site can be read or searched on google and get the best ranking, it’s better to first check the articles you want to reach through plagiarism checker like Duplichecker or UniqueText.

One of the tools that aims to help site owners avoid duplicate content is Duplichecker.


Duplichecker, what is it?

Duplichecker is a plagiarism checker tool that can find duplicate content online. The tool will examine your content, sentence by sentence. It will show you plagiarism rate and which part of your content is duplicate. By showing this, you will be able to rewrite the duplicate parts and turn your content into a unique article.

Is Duplichecker Accurate?

I spent hours to try this tool. I copy content online, and put it into the textbox to be examined. I also put manual rewrite content into the tool, just to find whether this tool can find the source of my content. Well, I am not really satisfied with the result. It’s not really accurate. Maybe my conclusion is the same as CovenantLinks’s post Which One Is The Most Accurate Plagiarism Checker?

Despite of its bad accuracy I find a few advantages of this tool that I want to share to you.

The Advantages of Duplichecker

The best part about Duplichecker is that I can use this tool for free with no usage limits. Unlike other plagiarism content tools like Copyscape and Siteliner, Duplichecker itself is completely free and I don’t need an account to use this tool.

Not only that, Duplichecker also has other benefits and advantages such as being able to upload several types of files, such as: pdf, tex, doctor, docx, odt, txt and rtf.

Is Duplichecker Accurate ?

Another advantage of Duplichecker is: it can fetch content via URL. By attaching a link from the content I published, I can find a list of duplicate results of my content.

Is Duplichecker Accurate ?

Duplichecker sendiri merupakan cabang perusahaan dari tools pemasaran yang sangat luas dan berpengalaman. Oleh karena itu fitur Duplichecker juga tidak hanya dapat mengecek plagiarisme saja tetapi juga dapat digunakan untuk menganalisis tata bahasa contoh;

Plagiarism checker from Duplichecker is only a part of many tools you can use on There are another writing related tool you can use on this site. One of them is grammar checker.

Is Duplichecker Accurate ?

You just need to use it by clicking the button provided by Duplichecker. Unlike expensive tool like Grammarly Pro, which are paid, Duplichecker is free to use.

Drawbacks of Duplichecker

Although duplichecker has a few advantages, it also have a few drawbacks. One of them is the limit of many words we can check using this tool. Duplichecker limits their free user for 1000 words/search.

The problem occurs when I need to check 2000 words article. I have to divide the content into 2 parts, then check each part using the tool. It makes me worry whether the article is really unique or not, since I cannot check the whole article in one shot.

This would be no problem if I use the paid version. Duplichecker pro allows their user to check longer article at once. However since my budget is limited, I am a bit hesitate to pay for the pro version.

Other drawback is the inability to check entire site for plagiarism. You need to put each url of your site to this tool, one by one. Imagine if you have a big website with a huge amount of content? If this is your situation, the best solution is to buy credits from Copyscape, then check it there. Copyscape offers this service. You can run check on entire site, as long as you have enough credit. Check Copyscape review here.

The last drawback I found in Duplichecker is the amount of ads showing on its site.  It is on a ridiculous level. I know the importance of ads for the development of tool, especially free tool. The ads revenue also works as a reward for the developer. However it makes Duplichecker looks like amateur tool. A professional tool will keep the amount of ads low, in order to keep their customer happy.

In order to unleash all the functionality of Duplichecker, it would be better if you purchase their pro membership. By purchasing Duplichecker pro, you can also have an ads-free checking experience.

In conclusion, do I recommend this tool? Yes and no.

Yes if you don’t take plagiarism seriously. I mean if you allow certain amount of plagiarism, then you are good to go with this one. However if you are a blogger,  a student or a teacher who needs to get a unique content. I would suggest you to invest your money on a decent plagiarism checker like UniqueText or Copyscape.