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Zach King Life Story, Wife, Age, Career, Net Worth & More

Do you think Zach King is a magician? Want to know about this lovable star? This fact will make sure you know about Zach King. Also will tell you how Zach King became famous.

Zach King was born in Oregon exactly in Portland. He is of Austrian, Chinese and Nicaraguan descent. King has an interest in film makers and illusionists. At age of 7, he made his film just by a home video camera. He pursued his interest and at age of 14, for the first time he bought video equipment such as a camera, a computer, and a tripod. He started making and also editing videos.

In 2012, King graduated as a Cinema & Media Arts Major, in Biola University. He made a website and started to offer training about using the software Final Cut Pro, an editing software with tips and tutorials. When his website’s audience increased, he started selling seminars and used the money for his college.

He also made a YouTube channel (named himself) and gave tutorials about using the software. His first video on YouTube titled Jedi Kittens. The video was produced by him with his colleagues. Show about two cats fighting with lightsabers, an attractive video which gained more than one million views in just 3 days. The Jedi Kittens became popular until the third video, gaining almost 30 million views.

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In late 2012, he became a contestant on Viral Video Showdown by Syfy. In 2013, he was noted as one of the most promising film makers by YouTube. In 2019, King had amazed everyone on the internet with a video. The video showed him flying on a broomstick and got a big view (more than 2 billion views).

His great editing skill led him to be a part of the Next Up Creators contest. Therefore, YouTube awarded him $35.000. It was awarded as well as a trip to New York City to YouTube Creator Camp In December 2020, he gained over 9 million subscribers with 886 million views. Abracadabra!

Apart from his website and YouTube channel, King also made an account on Vine. It was in September, 2013, when he created one Vine each day.  In 2014, he appeared on the television show and made vines with the audience and the crew of the show. He also made vine videos for working out and living in his garage. Zach King in producing a vine needs 24 hours with 3-4 hours of filming.

In 2016, Zach King also joined Tik Tok. He started uploading his first video in which he escaped a jail. Later on, he uploaded regularly on Tik Tok. His great skill is lovable by fans and led him to gain almost 50 million followers. That’s why he became number #3 the most followed user on Tik Tok. 

Zach King Wife & Age

So, do you believe in magic? Well, Zach King is a filmmaker, a Vine Star, and YouTuber. Now, he is well known for his digital magic. His videos are digitally edited so then he seems like  doing magic. His master of deception and his charm built an amazing fan base.