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Jessica Alba Life History, the Way to Become a Star

Jessica Alba is one of best-known American actresses. Born in California, she was exactly born in 1981 (April 28). Mark David Alba is her father and Catherine Louisa is her mother. Her father was a U.S. airman and was a cook at a roib. Therefore because of David’s job, the family moved often, such as to Texas, Biloxi, Del Rio, Mississippi, and settling back in Alba’s place of birth. Her mother was a flip burgers and bartender.

During childhood, Alba had asthma and other diseases. It made her isolated from her friends at school. She was often treated in the hospital, hence no one in her school knew her well. Moreover, Alba’s family used to move, which also contributed to her isolation from other children.

At age 16, Alba successfully graduated from Claremont High School. After that, she joined the Atlantic Theater. She started to like acting. At age 11, she persuaded her mother to take her in the Beverly Hills acting competition, surprisingly she won that competition.

Alba was rewarded with acting classes that she took. Then, she signed an appointment with an agency. In 1994, Her first debut film was released (Camp Nowhere). Soon, she played a role for Dark Angel (TV Show). That was great, her incredible work earning high praise from her peers and the directors.

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Jessica Alba was acting in several music videos including We Are the Ones (Artist : Will I Am), and Bad Blood (Artist: Taylor Swift ft. Kendrick Lamar).

Alba truly made stunning transformations from a suffering disease child to a successful artist. Because of her great talent, she received so many awards.

Alba is a legitimate billion dollar business mogul. She can manage all of the struggles she faces. She can overcome her troubled past and make a new unexpected way in her career and life.